CSMA joins hands with Cloudamart

Shop with Cloudamart

CSMA joins hands with  Cloudamart, an online marketplace app which will facilitate customers to shop from their local businesses, empower business owners to create a virtual store to display & sell their merchandise, and help individuals to earn an extra income by choosing to be a part of Cloudamart’s Rideshare, Grocery, Pharmaceutical & Restaurant deliveries.

Cloudamart not only creates a more convenient and enjoyable experiences for the shoppers, but people behind it understand that your weekly grocery store visit takes time away from doing the things you love. That’s why they offer the advantages of online grocery shopping for delivery right to your doorstep.
There’re already thousands of online apps in the market and you might think what is so unique about Cloudamart and let me tell you how it stands apart from others.  

  • Cloudamart is a one-stop mobile marketplace. It not only does enable you to find anything in retail shopping such as food, groceries, and pharmaceutical items but it also provides Courier Services and Rideshare.
  • There is no mark-up on the prices you pay which means you pay the same exact amount of what you pay at the stores. As usual with the other online apps, you’ll pay a small fee to get the items delivered to you but as Cloudamart cares about its customers, the fee is so trivial compared to others in the market.
  • They currently have many South Asian & East Indian grocery stores and restaurants on their platform along with electronic stores and are in the process to add many more businesses such as auto parts retailers as well. 
  • Their marketplace and vendors are keep growing daily because the vendors realize the superiority and the leading edge technology behind Cloudamart and a partnership with it can take their business to the next level.     
If you look for Convenience, Better prices, More variety, Easy price comparisons, No crowds, and Privacy for discreet purchases, then download their app from clicking and enjoy a hassle-free shopping journey from the comfort of your couch at home.
To applaud our partnership, Cloudamart has agreed to offer the first 100 CSMA members, $25 off on groceries ($20 afterwards) and $10 off on food, rideshare & courier services. After placing your order do not forget to enter “CSMA” as your promotion code and enjoy this irresistible offer especially for CSMA members
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